Yes. The law specifies that each constituency must have the same number of electors "as is practicable" while also taking account of the other rules for constituency design. Because of this, when we carry out a review, we look closely at the number of electors in each area.

You can use our Map Browser to look at both current and historical boundaries against a map background.

We make PDF files of our maps available so anyone can print their own copy. If you want a larger map than you can print it yourself, we suggest you take the PDF file to a printer for them to do the work. The maps on our website are joint copyright between us and Ordnance Survey. Our content can be re-used under the Open Government Licence, as detailed in our copyright page. Before printing or using our maps, you will also need to get agreement from Ordnance Survey for the use of its material.

You can print from our Map Browser. Alternatively, there are PDF maps of all current and historic constituencies available from our website.

Not from us. Instead, we have made PDF files of constituencies available to download so you can print it yourself. We have also made GIS data available to download so that, if you have access to GIS software, you can make your own maps of constituencies.